Housecleaning and OCD

Watching a program about people with OCD cleaning the houses of people with dirty homes.
My mind starts to wonder how it would be to have a cleaning slave with OCD. My first thought would be…the house would be super clean with a slave like that.
But thinking a bit more, I am starting to see issues with that.
A cleaning slave with OCD would clean everything without me being able to criticize his work. What’s the fun in that, I want to be able to say: You missed a spot, and then whip him until he begs me to stop. Some Mistresses say that they don’t need a reason to punish, and I agree with that, but I do like to have reason, it makes the punishment more humiliating.
The other thing that would bother me, a slave with OCD would internally start to freak out whenever I make something dirty, and he would rush to clean it, he couldn’t help it. I would feel uncomfortable with that kind of anxiety, even though I could lock him up. I like a calm vibe in my house, I am sensitive to people’s vibes even submissive ones. I would feel his anxiety and probably kick him out of my home.

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