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Looking at other women

When we are outside nobody suspects he is a submissive man who obeys my every word. We are a normal couple enjoying each other’s company, we dine, we dance, we kiss, we make fun, we watch a movie, we stroll on a beach, we get drunk and we act crazy.
But that doesn’t mean that he can behave how he wants to. Whenever he does something I don’t like, I will whisper in his ear “You will be punished when we come home…”. His reaction is always priceless, suddenly his eyes show fear, sometimes he doesn’t even know what he did wrong, but he will stop doing what he was doing, and change his behavior immediately. He will never argue with me at that moment, he won’t ask what he did wrong, because I will explain him everything at home, and I will punish him at home, and I will repeat what he did wrong, and I will make him repeat what he did wrong, and he will apologize afterwards on his knees for every mistake he made while kissing my feet.
My favorite misbehavior must be when I catch him watching other women. Let’s face it, men are immensely visual creatures, they can’t help themselves, it’s built in their brains.
Whenever I spot his eyes on a woman, and he takes too long to watch something else, I will whisper in his ear my famous words “You will be punished when we come home…”. His reaction is predictable as usual. He will get nervous, and try to act cool, he will offer me a drink to distract me, he will stop looking into my eyes. And I will keep looking at him, and enjoying every moment of it. I won’t get angry or upset, because I will have my revenge later when we get home.
That’s why I like to go to a salsa-parties. There are plenty of women who know how to move, they dress nicely, and there are lots of good looking ladies. It’s a scientific proven fact, that he will get in trouble all the time.
When we come home, he will open the door for me, take my coat, get on his knees to get my shoes or boots off. He will go to the bedroom, and get completely undressed. He is always naked around me in the house. From the moment I told him he was in trouble until we get home, I will be contemplating the ways I will punish and torture him. It’s like foreplay and it turns me on like a neon light. Looking at other women is considered by me as a severe transgression and will be met with a severe punishment. It usually consists of inescapable bondage in uncomfortable and painful positions for a good period of time combined with a good whipping and face slapping and other pain stimuli. I will always end the punishment with him repeating his mistakes on his knees face down on the floor. Then he will lie on his back, kissing the soles of my feet and apologizing many many times.
So why is it that I like to punish him severely for watching other women? Is it because I lack self-confidence? Is it because I think I am ugly? Is it because I am afraid to lose him to another woman? I can honestly say that none of these reasons are applicable to me. I am over 40 years old, but I like the way I look, I am fit, I look younger (you know the phrase Black don’t crack?), I have the body of a 20-year old dancer. I also know for a fact that my slave-partner adores every inch of me. He is seriously attracted to me as a woman emotionally, to the way I look, the way I move, the way I dance, the way I dress and with an added bonus he is also attracted to my dominance.
So why is it that I like to hurt him for watching other women? Well the reason is little more devious than all the jealousy and lack of self-confidence crap I mentioned before. I even don’t mind him looking at other women, I mean if Mother Nature has done a great job on a woman, why shouldn’t one look at art. I am a woman and even I enjoy watching a sexy confident woman dancing or walking by.
I just enjoy the invisible leash on his neck I am holding firmly when we are outside. I just love the way he tries so hard not to look at other women when I am around. Whenever a good looking woman is near, you will see him turn his face the other way, and I love every bit about it. While other people think that he’s just not interested in the other woman, I am the only one who knows the real reason why he is turning his face away from any gorgeous woman in his vicinity. If we are at a party, you will see his eyes go through the room and he will skip all the beautiful ladies automatically. I like to get him in trouble by asking him, wow isn’t that woman sexy and hot. I will see him struggling with the answer, any answer he will give me is wrong anyway. If he says no, I know he’s lying because I know his taste, if he says yes, he’s in trouble. He will try to give me a diplomatic answer. I just love his struggling. I will return his diplomatic answers with more questions like “she has a great ass, doesn’t she?”. And he will sink deeper and deeper in trouble, until the only way out is another severe punishment at home.