Searching for a Domme

Why are submissive men looking for Femdom online? They crave to have a 24/7 relationship with a Domina. Many of them have girlfriends or wives. If you follow statistics your chances of finding a Domina online are slim to none. Let’s face it, there are way more submissive men than Dominas. And do you really thinks that if you find a Domina, She will be whipping and humiliating you 24/7?

So why not start at home. Do you think that Dominas were born like this? Most Women are born and raised to be loving and caring. They usually discover Female Dominance when they are adults. Usually someone will introduce a Woman into Femdom, She will enjoy it (or not), and She then continues to evolve in it.

So why can’t your wife or girlfriend be your Domina. You already love her, and you probably find her attractive. You have the need of serving a woman. Femdom or Female Supremacy does not always mean whips, chains, cuffs, pain, leather outfits, boots, high heels and humiliation. It’s also about treating your woman as a Queen. So why not start with treating her like your Queen.

If your woman doesn’t have experience in Femdom, you can’t walk up to her and tell her “Oh baby, I like to be tied up and I like to be whipped until it bleeds…”. You will scare her off. It will go against her system of beliefs, she has been raised to be loving and caring, so why would she like to hurt you?

But what you can do, is treat her like a Queen. You can be attentive and loving. You can start with old fashioned chivalry. You can open the door for her, take her coat, open the door to the car, pull up a chair when she wants to sit.

You can be loving by buying her flowers every now and then, buy her a nice gift (and I don’t mean cooking utensils, I mean gifts specially for her), take her out more often to the places she likes. If you don’t have the financial means to do that, be creative, buy one rose, make a present for her. A woman will always appreciate a gift if you put effort in it, she obviously didn’t marry you for your money.

You can be caring by taking care of household chores. If she comes home tired, take her coat, direct her to the couch, take care of her shoes, give her a nice foot-massage if she likes it. You can cook diner, you can ask her to teach how to cook her favourite meal, you can teach yourself how to cook online, or take a couple cooking-lessons. You can learn on how to massage your woman, there are online tutorials, and massage your woman regularly. Learn to iron clothes, learn to wash clothes. Send her to a spa, or even better, go with her to the spa.

You can be tender. Touch her more often, kiss her more often, hug her more often, learn every special place on her body, and yes, that also means her pussy. Learn or improve the art of cunnilingus (an oral sex act performed by a person on a female’s genitalia, the clitoris, other parts of the vulva or the vagina). Ask her what she likes, ask her where she likes to be touched and how. Spend time and energy to discover all that. Stop focussing on your own orgasm and focus on her orgasms. Ask her permission if you want to orgasm. It will blow her mind, if you ask her permission. It will show her that her pleasure is more important than yours. Delay your orgasm and always orgasm after her, because let’s face it, a man wants to go to sleep after an orgasm, it’s biological, you can’t help yourselves.

If she likes the Queen treatment, after a while you can introduce her to the Femdom part. You can tell her how much you like serving her, taking care of her, how you like doing the house-chores, and you can carefully introduce her to your fantasies.

There can be three outcomes.

The worst case scenario, she is submissive, she doesn’t like the Queen treatment. In that case your relation is doomed anyway. You have two people with unfulfilled needs, your relation will end soon, and if your relationship doesn’t end, you will have a relationship with two unhappy people.

Or, she likes the Queen treatment, but she doesn’t want to be your Domina. In that case you will have greatly improved your relationship. Your life with her will be better, more loving and there will be more happiness and more sex, because a happy wife is a happy life. You will grow as a couple. And in the end you will have fulfilled some of your submissive needs.

Or, she likes the Queen treatment, and she wants to be your Domina…then mission accomplished…

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